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Why Proveer

For employers seeking talent
Every Proveer solution benefits from our in- depth industry and functional-area expertise-- guranteeing that you work with people who understand your business and have the knowledge base to qualify candidates effectively.

Proveer uses a much focussed approach for sourcing the right candidate for the right profile at the right time for you. We believe in working more like your partners. Hence it's important for us to understand your long term growth plans, as well as the competitive landscape and business culture, so as to enable us to develop talent strategies to help you secure and maintain competitive advantage well into the future.

The three-phase Proveer Recruitment Process:

Phase 1:
  • In depth discussions with the client about the organisation structure & culture, current business activities, future growth plans
  • Detailed outlining of the job profile in terms of the job title, job description, Key result areas, reporting, authority & responsibility, approximate compensation and so on.
  • Clear understanding of candidate specifications for the given position - educational qualifications, past & current experience, current compensation etc.

Phase 2:
  • Identification of potential candidates & validation of interest
  • Screening of these candidates with respect to essential criteria and passing them on to the client with candidate assessment feedback
  • Coordinating between the candidates and client for interviews

Phase 3:
  • Help the client in evaluating potential candidates on various parameters and come to a final selection
  • Follow up with the selected candidate till the time of joining
For candidates seeking opportunities
At Proveer we believe that there is no right or wrong candidate... its all about getting the right match between the person and the profile.

We offer MYRESUME services to people who need help with improving their profiles. Sometimes a well made resume can make all the difference.

If you are someone who is seeking career growth and better opportunities, then drop in your resume at resume@proveer.in