What we do?

Database Search

This is perhaps the most effective methodology of filling requirements in the case of junior/ middle management positions. How we use the methodology is where we differentiate ourselves. Proveer uses its own updated and dynamic database along with those of its channel partners to fill requirements efficiently and effectively. Our clients often credit us with the fastest response times they have seen in the industry, with no compromise on quality

Proactive Sourcing

Corporates often have certain functions where manpower requirement is recurring. Job functions seldom vary, sometimes even geography does not. Proactive sourcing enables us to make sure client requirements are met in quick time and with utmost satisfaction in such cases. An essential element for excelling at proactive sourcing is ability to understand client business in depth. We invest time in doing so at all stages of relationship, right from day one.

Turnkey Solution

This service is best suited for servicing large-scale requirements that may come up in the case of start-ups, geographical expansions and rapid scaling up of teams etc. Proveer uses a mix of different types of selection strategies to fulfil such unique requirements. The recruitment methodology is formulated in consultation with the client after understanding their requirements in detail to ensure their needs are met in the best possible way.

Our Core Values


We take the partner approach with every client we work with. When you have Proveer on board, you know you are with someone you can depend on. If we commit, we ensure we deliver.


What we deliver always counts over how much we deliver at Proveer. Our most common feedback is that our quality differentiates us from the rest. We are seriously committed towards maintaining this.


We believe in being honest in all our relationships – with our clients, our candiates and with every other stake holder. Our integrity is on top of our no-compromise list in every step that we take at work.

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